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Red Brigade

“A porn star is accepted as a celebrity in this country but a rape survivor is shunned.”Sexual assault victim Usha Vishwakarma is armed with a brigade of fighter girls ready to tackle the mena
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Meditation 2016-04-14

Buddha And Me

I am sharing today Osho’s Interpretaion of Buddhism because I completely identify myself with this everyone should read it, its not easy to understand Buddhism but none the less we can always try.
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A woman can also become Head in Hindu Undivided Family - Know Your rights

At a time when women are fighting for their right to enter temples, the Delhi high court has ruled in a landmark verdict that the eldest woman member of a Hindu undivided family can be its karta (ma
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Finance 2016-03-12

Government Subsidies for Women Entrepreneurs

Times have changed. Today, Indian women are at par with men. They have come a long way from being known as just ‘homemakers’ to ‘career-oriented’ women. Modern day women are all set to brea
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Rights Given to Women in Indian Constitution

Our Indian constitution was written in an era when the social condition of Indian women was very poor and need an urgent reform. She was mentally and physically tortured in the society. She
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Travel 2016-04-27

Mistakes To Avoid while Travelling solo

Solo travel is a growing and compelling mode of travel in the 21st century. As our daily lives become more fragmented and sometimes isolated, it may seem counterintuitive that solo travel can be an
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Travel 2016-03-11

Tips for Solo Woman Traveler in India

Travelling alone for a single woman in India seems to be a big deal but every year thousands of women travel alone. Unlike western countries parts in India are particularly not safe for a lone woman
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Companionship 2016-03-24

10 Tips for Single Mothers raising Sons

When my husband told me that he was no longer willing to support me and my three month old son, I was devastated beyond words. I had left my career to be home maker and suddenly now I had to take re
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Hobbies 2016-03-09

Art as a Hobby

 Art as a hobby I started thinking some more about the difference between being an artist and having art as a hobby. First I wondered why someone would want to have art as a hobby, and I
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Women empowerment : In Indian perspective

‘Women empowerment’: a word which has attracted the attention of every one everywhere in the country. Women empowerment can be understood as to make the women powerful so as to enable her to ma
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Life of a Single mother

“There is no way to be a perfect mother but a millions ways to be a good one”Since the day I came to know I was pregnant I had an instant connection with my baby, It was an amazing feeling to ha
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Best jobs for Single Mothers

Best jobs for single mothersBeing a working mother is difficult enough but being a single mom is a nightmare. There is a never ending struggle to balance motherhood and job coupled with a guilt no