Frequently Asked Questions

Who we are ?

We are a group of girls who are professionally qualified and still are victims of domestic violence. We are in various stages of legal fight with our in laws and husbands, we have gone through trauma, depression but we have fought back and are now back on our feet.

Why this site?

With this site we are trying to reach out to all the women who are single by choice, separated, divorced or are widowed. We want to guide them regarding legal aid, counseling and also start an e-shop to convert their small home run business into a global thing, at the same time we are encouraging women to convert their hobbies and interest into something that will give them an opportunity to earn a decent living.

Our experience in the legal system to file a case and seek maintenance was a nightmare, first of all we were actually not aware of our legal rights to begin with and secondly legal system in this country is a nightmare. Each and every lawyer we went to first tried to scare the hell out of us,on how difficult the case was and how much effort he will have to put to get us out of the woods. To make matter worst each one had different opinion and remedy for the same case Also since money was running low it was not an easy task to approach so many lawyers just to find someone who was convincing enough for us. Finally we decided to draft our own case with the help of a lawyer friend, it was much easier, less time consuming ,economical and we were confident with the drafts.

Same goes with the e shop, once you speak up against domestic violence, first thing they do to hit you is cut you off financially. Many women are scared to speak because after years of domestic violence they too have lost confidence in themselves, they can’t even imagine how they will make their ends meet if their husband stops their allowances, its worst if you have kids, you think of their future and how on earth will you be able to provide for them.

As a single mother of a toddler I know how difficult it is to find employment once the employer knows that you have a baby and are taking care of him alone. Its not entirely their fault, it’s a difficult task to leave your little one with a nanny or at a  crèche and not think about him for the whole day. Also Its a nightmare if your toddler is sick and you have to reach your office on time and you have nobody who would babysit for you or even pick him up or drop him. It’s easier to own a small business in such a situation as you are your own boss ,timing are flexible and you work from home. 

In a country like india , single women are always an object of curiosity .Why is she not married ?why doesn’t she live with her husband ?Why did her husband divorce her? Are the common questions asked to family of single women, because of the social stigma most of these women avoid friends, family and any sort of public gathering. These women are often depressed some even clinically, but in most cases just interacting with people and starting a new hobby or new life helps them.hence 

Who is it meant for?

This site is for all the single, divorced, separated or widowed. These women will get counseling, legal aid a place to share their experiences  and an opportunity to make a living. It is also for those women who want to start or already run a small business from their homes.

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