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Is Being Sane a Curse

Sometimes when I see the clients at my college I have this feeling that their life in many ways better than mine. When I look back at the events that have happened in my life so far I get this feeling that no matter how hard I have tried I have never been able to get things done the way I wanted them to. As a result those events have only brought me grief in my life. At the same time when I see a person who has lost her ability to think and reason I understand that they are in a way far better than me. These people have lost the ability to understand what is going around them and are happy in their own little world.

Like today I was observing one of our clients at BALM (Isska Amma as we call her, so isska amma has some intellectual disability and she has a mind of a 3year old in a body of about 32-35 years old and is one of the most loved person on our campus as she comes and gives a hug to everyone with so much of love that you can't resist and who on earth will say no to a hug filled with unconditional love). So Isska amma I was telling you about was crying today. I don't have much knowledge about mental health and I was very touched by her crying as I like her a lot. By crying here I mean she was throwing tantrums like a child, lying on the ground and making loud noise. When I asked one of our teachers who were busy trying to calm her down that why is she doing like this . The teacher told me that she is just bored and that is why she is behaving like this. Everyone around her was trying their best to calm her down but she kept on crying and crying. That moment I realized that how lucky this woman is to be ignorant of her surroundings and do what she feels like. She is totally indifferent towards what is going on in the world and living in her own world.

Author: Suruchi Bahadur is a post graduate student at Tata Institute of  Social Science, her center is in The BALM (Chennai). A rescue center for homeless women with mental disorders