How my husband’s cheating turned out to be the best thing that happened to me -
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How my husband’s cheating turned out to be the best thing that happened to me

People who see me now don’t forget to mention that I look amazing, ravishing, motherhood is doing wonders for me. I too feel I haven’t looked and felt so good since a long time, maybe it’s my smile or the fact that I am spending a lot of time and a little money on myself after a long time.

I found out about 5 months ago that, my husband was cheating on me, my son was three month old then, my world came crashing down. It was the seventh year of my marriage ,when I confronted my husband he blamed it all on me, my in-laws were divorced, so my parents were dead against this marriage, to make matters worse I gave up my reputed bank job to be full time devoted house wife to my husband who was a marine engineer. My whole world for last seven years revolved around my husband, I had nothing .I had lost my mother due cancer two years ago, and because of the opposition to my marriage I was estranged to the rest of my family, no career or job for financial stability. I had literally no one to help me when I was having my son. I couldn’t tell my family about how my husband was behaving with me, he never said a single positive word to me after he came back from sailing by the time I was eight month pregnant ,his constant bickering and divorce threats made me sick.

I cried constantly for months, maybe it was pre par-tum and post par-tum depression both or maybe it was because of my husband’s behavior. I told my close friends that there was something wrong with my husband, but I had no idea that all this because he was cheating on me. He constantly told me how he will give me and my unborn child a home and some monthly allowance and he just wanted a divorce from me. I kept begging him to give me some time , everything will be OK between us. He brought all my belongings from our marital home and dumped it in my maternal home telling me that I was not allowed to step in that house again , I was all alone in my maternal home, since my father was posted elsewhere and my siblings were in different state for higher studies.

My husband was there , physically at times at my maternal home ,he hired a maid to take care of me but kept constantly telling me how he wanted a divorce and how there was no way we could live together anymore. Some events were harder than others to forget, like the time when we were just back from the hospital, I had a cesarean and my son was five day old, I called him from his room since baby was crying a lot and I was scared, he shouted like anything on me and tried to take away the baby from me and was ready to drive away with him.

There were days, after he left and I came to know that he was cheating on me, that in the middle of the night it felt someone had rubbed chilly powder on my body and I used to wake up with burning sensation all over my body then there  were nights when I couldn’t sleep even for a second .I couldn’t sleep for days and had to take sleeping medication prescribed by a psychologist, even though I was breastfeeding .I cried and cried, felt it was all my fault ,asked for his forgiveness, but in vain .He told me he will decide after he comes back from sailing if he was willing to live with me and my son.

I actually did a lot of pooja for him to come back; visited temples did everything I could think of. In the mean time I gathered courage to tell my family about this, my dad sister and aunts. My friends told me to start looking for a job, and I am thankful to them as they took me across the country along with my son and helped me find a job .I had actually forgotten that I had a wonderful academic background. I had made a cage for myself in my mind, and convinced myself that I will not be able to travel anywhere with an infant alone by myself.

I realized I too was not happy in the marriage; there was little reason for me to tolerate my Bipolar mother in law and egomaniac husband. I actually started to realize how happy I was and how drama free my life had become. I could concentrate on myself and my son without any guilt, bought myself some nice clothes, went to beauty parlor even though my father paid for them it felt nice that finally I could tell everything to my family .I was close to them again as now I had nothing to hide, I no more felt any pressure to pretend to be happy just because my cousins or friends were happily married.

It turned my life around, I told everyone about what was going on in my life, so that people talk in front of me rather than speculating behind my back, and I didn’t have any pressure to lie or avoid family and friends. Though I know they will say that there was something wrong in me, or both parties were responsible for the failed marriage, but now I can’t care any less.

I am a happy single mother of an eight month old, I run my own business and I can’t stop counting my blessings.