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Women empowerment : In Indian perspective

‘Women empowerment’: a word which has attracted the attention of every one everywhere in the country. Women empowerment can be understood as to make the women powerful so as to enable her to maintain herself socially and financially. What distance we have covered over the subject, is a matter of lengthy and unending discussion but this word exposes two things. First – women is weak part of our society. Second – it needs empowerment.

So far as former part ‘women is weak part of our society’ is concerned, in this regard it is submitted that weak is an adjective which has no meaning in itself. It has meaning only in case when it is compared with other. Therefore in my opinion no woman is weak. It is treated to be weak when it is positioned or placed in male centered or male controlled society.

Now in respect the later part ‘it need empowerment’ it is submitted that when no woman is weak therefore no woman needs empowerment.

Similarly we either fail to diagnose the real problem involved or knowingly ignore it. It results that even after the four round development of the country in every field women are compelled to feel weak and also compelled to required empowerment. On the one hand we have reached to Mars planet but on the other hand we could not make our counterpart safe, protected, resulting which a number of incidents of harassment, rape, kidnapping, burn attack, acid attack and domestic violence is increasing day by day at high rate.

Though legislative body (Central and states as well) have provided sufficient and effective legislation and our hon’ble court are also trying to resolved the problem of victim and punish the offender and therefore the women are feeling safe and protected financially and socially. Some relevant legal steps can be summarized in brief here.

1.     In case of criminal offence like harassment, rape, kidnapping, burn attack, acid attack and any other offence, victim or any other person on her (as our discussion is based on female therefore ‘her’ has been used) behalf can lodge First Information report in the nearing police station and can get the accused punished by the court of law.


2.     In case of offence of domestic violation, victim women (in some cases any person on her behalf) can lodge first information report in the nearby police station against all the persons concerned and can get them punished by the court of law.

 Besides this she can take following legal steps:

a.     If she has no source of income and as such she is not able to maintain herself and her kid (if any) then approached Family court having the territorial jurisdiction under section of 125 of The code of Criminal Procedure and can get the maintenance from the aforesaid court for her and her kid.

b.     For the harassment and domestic violation toward her, she can approached criminal court having the jurisdiction over the matter under section 12 of Protection of women from domestic violation and can get the relief provided under the aforesaid acts and as such she can secure herself and her kid legally, financially, socially.

Normally the husband files petition u/s 9 of Hindu Marriage Act for Restitution of Conjugal right or U/S 13 for divorce to make a defense. In that case she can claim the maintenance for her (including her kid) livelihood and expenses to defend the case filed against her by her husband.      

Thus our legislation has given sufficient power to the women to raise their voice against any offence. It is to keep in our mind that same should be used as tool to raise the voice and not as weapon to harassment to the opponent.

As aforesaid said, our legislature has made sufficient efforts to make every woman secure, safe and protected financially, socially. But it is not proper for our society to provide the women her position or place under legal compulsion. It will be better for our society to provide her position or place by heart, by thought, by our sweet will and as such in real sense. For which two things are important firstly diagnose the problem and recognize the reality and secondly remove the same from our mind. Same can be discussed or summarized in brief as under.

The real problem involved :

1.     Male Centered Approach: Even after four round development of country in every field we have kept our society male centered. It resulted that every family (though exception may be there) want male baby and avoid female baby birth. If female baby came in family then her position is compared to male baby while as a principal we treat her Laxmi and a form of Maa Bhagwati and worship in Navratri. Our dual and contradictory methodology (on the one hand we treats the female baby as the form of Maa bhagwati and on the other hand we, immediately after birth, leave in unwell condition having risk to her life as orphan. This dual or contradictory thought is the main and real problem to this curse.


2.     Biased Approach: Actually son or daughter is two eyes for any parents. But unfortunately even the parent (again exception may be there)  treat the both different and former get priority and later are not treated equally and given less importance even after playing an important role while working as assistant to her mother in performing the domestic work or affairs though out.


3.     Victim of family politic by maternal family: Normally parent (if real care taker) keep their daughter on their eye lid and keep her away from every problem and as such girl does not know the family politic. But after her marriage she meet different persons (mother in law, father in law, brother in law, sister in law, and other relatives) of the maternal family having different interests and priorities. If she success to adjust then all right but  chances are meager and subject to the nature and behavior of these persons towards the girl. Normally she feels unable to succeed and to adjust and it results in the harassment, ill treatment by her loved ones (the husband and her relatives) and it causes intolerable situation and atmosphere in the family, resulting legal proceedings and ultimate break down of relations of husband and wife (alleged to have made in heaven and supposed to be made for each other).


We need to do: After the aforesaid diagnose, we need to leave our dual and contradictory life. We have to give a soft corner of our heart to her in real sense and also in every sense. For that all of us have to play a suitable role which can be summarized below.


a.     We have to leave male centered approach. Child (male or female does not matter) is the form of god and is divine gift to any human being. This thought should be adopted by heart and in real sense and as such every kid (even female too) should be given same honour without any hitch.


b.    We (specially the parents) have to treat every person equally irrespective a gender i.e. we have to give a female member a position or place similar to that of male member as such we have to prove that son or daughter are two eyes of the parent and there is no difference between the two.

 Further other male member of similar position or place (brother) should not treat her sister as his competitors but as his loved ones.


c.      Lastly we have to treat our new member of the family (bride) like a real part of the concerned family. Parents have to treat her like their own daughter. Elder brothers in law and sisters in law should treat her like own sister and should play a role of care taker. Younger brothers in law and sisters in law should treat give due respect to her. Lastly husband should treat her as important part of life (Ardhangani) and should give her soft and important corner of heart so as to enable her to feel the thought of ‘made for each other’ and her relation has been made in heaven.


If we can do as aforesaid our society will be like a heave and no women will feel that she is weak and needs empowerment.


Lastly I would like to say the women are not weak and don’t need empowerment but they need well and fair treatment from their loved ones so that their uncertainty of life (after marriage) may be removed forever.


(Jitendra kumar Sharma)

Advocate, high court. Allahabad