My mother my hero -
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My mother my hero

No doubt a lot of people think the same. The person who has inspired them the most and they admire most, is their mother. But there is something different about my mother; she has been battling cancer since the last nine years. She was diagnose with stage three breast cancers in the year 2003, and has stage four metastatic cancers since past four years. She has been on and off chemo and radiation for most of the time.

When she was first diagnose with breast cancer like most people she did not accept it at first, had retests in different labs but eventually came to terms with it. Her breast was removed and she received chemo and radiation some days were good for her but most of the days she did not even have courage to get up from the bed, but she never let us, her three kids know that she was not well. She always used to somehow manage to put a brave face in front of us. She was just forty two at that time, her whole life was in front of her but she was not discouraged. She never talked about her illness and never wanted anybody else to talk about it either. She decided to start a preschool after her chemo was over, although she was a doctorate she chooses to stay at home and look after her kids but now she did not want to stay at home and think about her illness. But fate had decided something else for her disease metalized in her heart and lungs in 2007 she suffered massive plural and pericardial effusion, she was drowning in her own body fluids. Doctors gave her a few weeks to live. Still she believed she would make it, she told the doctors that she will live long enough to see her grandchildren. After fourteen days on ventilator and a month of hospitalization she actually got better. The chemo worked for her even when her body was in really bad shape and doctors doubted that she would respond to chemo.

Little did she know that her war with cancer was far from over for her, her cancer was back in 2009, 2010 and again currently she is undergoing chemo. Every time she had chemo for 6-9 months but her cancer comes back. She goes back to her school as soon as she starts feeling better after her chemo, a kind of person who never gives up. She also gives inspirational speeches at the regional cancer center, on positive thinking. According to her doctors positive thinking might be one of the major reasons for her survival.

Her tumor is very aggressive, as the doctors have told us and now she has accepted that she might not be around for long so she lives each day as her last. She has lost all her hair due to chemo and can’t wear a wig due to rashes on her skin but is a regular at all social event. She simply doesn’t care about what anyone thinks about her.

Seeing my mother like this gives a lot of courage to everyone around her. She does whatever she loves to do, doesn’t talk about her illness at all and is always positive, she is a pillar of courage to people around her. All of us have something to learn from her after all if a person with metastatic cancer can stay happy we have a lot to be grateful for.