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Companionship 2016-03-03

Be your own companion

When we hear about company for single ladies first thing that comes to mind is dating sites, that is what your moms and aunts suggest after a rough breakup, but one thing that I have realized is that it doesn’t work this way. A break up should never be a reason to get into a relationship, after a breakup a person is emotionally vulnerable ,she is still trying to understand and cope up with the void inside of her, this void can never be filled with one more relationship. I feel a time off is very well required after a breakup to analyze ourselves, our goals, our desires our wants and also what exactly we want from our lives. Instead of rushing into a relationship with a new person we should focus on ourselves, our own relationship with ourselves.

The truth is most people suggest dating because it’s easy to get involves with someone new and start your life again, which can help sometimes but not always. Also it’s difficult to find people who have same interest as you and mostly after a break up your friends may have ended up taking sides, or you may avoid relatives because of the gory details on how your relationship ended.

Then what to do, you cannot sit at home and watch movies all your life, what I suggest is that you should go out ,try to find things that interest you, like a play or music concert. Personally what I did was that I found out about the courses I was interested in the local university. There I meet people and learn more about my passion, best part is that none of them is interested about my relationship status or my ex. Similarly if you have a flare for cooking or gardening you can search for local institutes where you can take up courses of your interest. You can also find about local clubs which coincide with your interests such as art appreciation club or sports club. Maybe in the process you understand what you actually want in your life at the same time you can heal your soul for any next relationship if and when you want.