Tabasum Bano: female e-rickshaw driver from a small town -
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Tabasum Bano: female e-rickshaw driver from a small town

Meet "Tabassum Bano", the first female auto rickshaw driver of Allahabad. Met her today in her pink auto rickshaw n heard her story Tabassum moved to the city from Pratapgarh in search of livelihood along with her six month old son after she was thrown out of her house by her in–laws , she was harassed, bruised and beaten. Luck was not by her side, distressed, she decided to end her life but her infant son gave her reasons to live and Sister Sheeba Jones appeared as a ray of hope. Sister Sheeba taught her driving.

Tabassum eager to become self dependent due to circumstances , made up her mind to start her career as a driver. Being aware of the perils of her job as a woman behind the wheels, Tabassum enjoys driving. Male chauffeurs and people on the street gawk at her but Bano is indifferent, there are others who encourage her too. Bano today looks after her family of six, she has done her matriculation and her son studies in St.Joseph School an English medium school.
The energetic and lively Bano, a power house of resistance symbolizes a new generation of formidable woman !