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Hobbies 2016-03-06


“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”-Audrey Hepburn

Gardening is great when you are planning to move ahead, away from your past. As gardening gives you hope, patience and ultimately reward. For me personally gardening gives a hope and also in the mean time I have to take care and nurture my garden. There can be nothing more rewarding for me to see my beautiful organic broccoli or have my perfectly crunchy lettuce salad.

I took gardening after my mother dies of breast cancer after ten years of battle, it was her garden I had to take care of and made me feel that no matter where she was she could see her roses. Gradually I too started to love her garden but for me it was more about growing organic vegetables. Recent research suggest gardening is good for your health one more reason to take up gardening.

Things to remember when you take up gardening as a hobby

1.    Go Organic: If you have a little toddler, like I do you have to be careful about what fertilizers and pesticides you use, even if your munchkin doesn’t actually go near your garden there are chances he can be exposed when you handle these chemicals. Try to use organic fertilizers as much as possible and to tell you the truth there are always some eco friendly non toxic solutions to all your pest problems, you just have to explore all your options.

2.    Try local species first: try to grow local varieties of plants, weather fruits vegetables or flowers, there are lesser chances of that going wrong and it will be rewarding to see the fruit of your labor which is very essential when you first try your hand at gardening.

3.    You can even start with potted plants: You really do not required to have big lavish laws to start gardening, gardening can be started even in used crates, boxes or pots.As long as you enjoy planting your little saplings and taking care of them it doesn’t really matter.

4.      Visit local nurseries: You can get a lot of quick information, saplings or seeds at your local nursery. You can even get information on when to plant what and about the native varieties.

5.    Your tools: your tools ranging from a garden mover, reek , shovel or even sprinkler or water can will depend on the size of your garden and what you are planting. Know your tools and their use, and also be careful if you have little children around.